Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas greenery

My mom is here visiting for a month. She loves to have fresh flowers in the house. So we bought some beautiful PINK on pink roses at Costco.
She had delivered from a catalog nursery these gorgeous "Winter Berries". They are tall and rich in red color. They have held up so well not dropping their berries at all. The berries are still firm and gorgeous after two weeks.

And of course what Christmas is not complete with out the pointsetta's. This basket is nice and low. So many times they take up so much room.
It is lovely to have fresh flowers in the house. I should do it more often.
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Laura Wasilowski said...

Love that color of the winter berries. Nice to have flowers cheer up a home!

Deb said...

What catalog were the winter berries ordered from? I'd love to have those next year and it's good to hear that they last so long!

Frieda said...

White flower farms
They are still firm and beautiful
In the catalog when mom ordered them they said they would be sent at the appropriate time
I love them

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