Saturday, February 7, 2009


We all have obsessions. My husband's is stoneware, specifically Illinois advertising 10 lb butter crocks. You say to yourself, oh there can't be that much, but you would be wrong. Right now we are in Iowa at a Red Wing convention. This is a national group that meets twice a year where people buy and sell stoneware ie; "crocks" made by a company in Minnesota called Red Wing. A very famous company. You all probably have something or had something made from this company, they produced dinnerware as well.
This is just a small sampling of the stoneware that we have in our house. Just like my quilting and fabric it sneaks into every room of the house. There are small and large crocks everywhere. Every time I turn around one appears somewhere there wasn't one before.
I don't mind, just like he doesn't mind about my fabric and quilting. We all have obsessions. Today after breakfast we will go from room to room here at the hotel looking at stoneware people have for sale, hoping to find that one thing that eludes his collection. Then on the drive back to Illinois we will stop at every antique mall we pass and some that are alittle out of the way to look for more. I will also get to look for hankies. We all have our obsessions.
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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

What a collection!
I have some but with no focus - just ones that I happened to find that were in charity shops or at flea markets.
I'm impressed and understand the collecting gene!

Karen said...

So much fun! I have my few pieces of salt glaze pottery that I just love!

Mulberry Tart said...

Very cool! I miss talking to you. As you saw things are crazy around here but we are getting things finished. My studio will be nice, clean and painted when I move back in. I will see you in Paducah!

Laura Wasilowski said...

I'm so glad to have a pot to pi-- in.
I can't believe I said that!

hetty said...

What a fun collection! Obsessions aren't bad to have. You could have something worse.

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