Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Machine Quilting

My sewing table set up. The table is from Tracey's Tables in Wisconsin. He will deliver anywhere in the US.

Single hole throat plate.
I machine quilt all my pieces on a domestic home sewing machine, I don't have a long arm quilting machine, I don't have any place to put one. So everything I do is on my 6600 Janome, which I LOVE.
I have found that it helps with machine quilting as well as with piecing to have a single hole throat plate on my machine instead of the double whole throat plate that comes standard on all zigzag type machines. The single hole keeps the fabric on the surface of the sole plate better than a double hole plate does. So if you have the option of buying one for your brand machine I recommend doing so.
Double hole throat plate.
I also advise getting an adjustable padding chair to work in. This is the one I have right now. I recommend finding one without arms if possible. It is better on your circulation and back to have a comfortable chair. Ideally you should be sitting up high and looking down on your work while you are machine quilting. It saves stress on your back, shoulders and arms if you can rest your arms on your sewing surface and not strain your body in anyway while you are working.
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Claire O'Connor said...

Frieda, thanks for sharing these pics! One of my favorite things is to see how other quilters set up their space! I find it inspiring -- and fun!

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