Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Packaging your large quilt

Now that you have the quilt all pinned and ready to quilt, it is important to "package" it correctly so you can fit it in your sewing machine. The first thing I do is roll it on two sides to make it smaller.
Then I roll it into an even smaller "package to start quilting.
I work from the center out to the edges, stitching in the ditch any elements that will help stabilize the whole sandwich.
It is very important to have a large work surface to support all of the quilt while you are working on it.
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Laura Wasilowski said...

Thanks Frieda. It's good to have these helpful photos to follow.

Lonci said...

Likes the you quilt

Karen Ponischil said...

I love the ottlite on the top of the machine trick!
Very clever!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for the encouraging...keep at it photos!! That sure is a big quilt you have going there... Love your work!! Lx

Marlene said...

Thanks for the instruction. I rolled a large quilt differently and it was very awkward to handle, next time I'll try your way, it looks easier. Thanks for sharing.

JoAnn Deck said...

You know, it's a good idea to read the comments. I TOTALLY missed the Ott Light on top of the machine trick. I'm going to try that right now. Thanks,Frieda for these in process pictures.

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