Friday, February 6, 2009

Matching bobbin thread

One of the things I find really helpful in my machine quilting, is to match the bobbin thread color to the thread color I am using in the needle. This means I have 100's of thread colors, both in top color and bobbin weight thread. As I mentioned before I like to use a heavier weight top thread when quilting, I figure if I am going to do all that work I want to be able to see the quilting. So the rayon #30 weight thread is my favorite, I also particularly like the bright shiny colors. This means I have to also have an assortment of bottom weight thread. I like to use a #50 0r #60 weight thread in the bobbin. This does two things, one it helps keep the bobbin thread on the back of the quilt, because it is lighter weight and so less likely to come through to the top of the quilt, and two by matching the color of the treads, if there are any thread tension issues, the color will not show on the front. but rather blend with the top color.

I like cotton thread for my bobbin the best, but I also use Bottom Line, which is a polyester thread by Superior. It is soft and comes in lots of colors.
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Nancy said...

Hi Frieda, I'm just bouncing all over the blogs this morning and saw your post about the different threads you use in your machine. Since this is the first time I've read your blog, I have to ask - are you talking about using these threads in a sewing machine, or a quilting machine? I've only got a regular sewing machine, so I'd like to try your suggestions if i can. Thanks! Nancy

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