Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quilts that caught my eye

Well, Quilt Market is over and we have a break for a day. Laura is doing the books as we speak. I started to walk the floor and view the quilts at the quilt show and I thought I would try to post the ones that I took pictures of. There is no rhyme or reason to why I like a quilt and so I just take pictures of anything that catches my eye. I learned at the Birmingham show in England that if I took a photo of the place card as well I would always know who made the quilt. I am terrible with names!

Rachel is in PAQA with me and I love her work. It is beautifully meticulous. She has several quilts in the show, but of course this orchid with all the colors was my favorite. We are going to go to the Contemporay Craft center to see the exhibit there. It is a wonderful space with a nice little gift shop and hopefully a great exhibit. I will post pictures if I can.

Great discovery, we realized that if we go downstairs and get on line in the lobby of this hotel and pick up the free wifi, it will stay connected when we come up to the room if we don't shut down the computer. We are going to leave the computer on all day, so we have wifi in the room. Tricky huh


Exuberant Color said...

I'm only seeing red X's, can you post them again and see if they come through?

Diane said...

Hi, Frieda -- I'm only seeing blue question marks where the pictures would be. Can you try again? Many thanks! Diane E.

Linda in Sarasota said...

Glad you are having such success in Houston; your patterns and fabric are great!!!! Congratulations.

I won't make it to Houston this year so I cannot come drool and buy. We're off on another jaunt instead.

Hope you and Laura have recoup time when you get home and very little to unpack.

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