Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jordon River Arts Council

I had a fabulous time up north at the Jordan River Arts Council workshops for Rare Threads on the Fringe!
To begin with it was a gorgeous time of year to drive north. I took lots of foliage pictures on the way up and again on the way home, as color had changed in a matter of days. The area is really lovely. The library in Charlevioux where the classes were held is state of the art. It was the best room I have ever taught in anywhere. There was a projector in the ceiling that I hooked my computer to that immediately recognized my laptop and projected magnificently on a large drop down screen. The screen and the widow shades were all controlled by switches on the wall. Two of the four walls were pinnable with sliding panels that had white boards behind them. The huge floor to ceiling windows had duel shades one blocked the sun and then another set that were black out, all controlled by switches on the wall. They had plenty of tables that just wheeled out and set up like a breeze. The kitchen and bathrooms were right off of the room were we were AND there were electrical outlets in the floor to accommodate all the participants. It was class room heaven! Besides being new and clean and bright and lovely.
Secondly I had a great group of innovative women who wanted to try new things and do innovative art.
And thirdly I had a hostess with the most est. She feed me good food and showed me a good time. Fun was had by all.
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