Sunday, August 10, 2008

I will be missing George

I leave tomorrow for Birmingham England. I will be gone for two weeks. The first week working the show and the second week traveling around Wales with my husband. I will be missing George the whole time. So I thought I would do a little tribute to him, so when I get on line I can see him when ever I want. He is going to college with our youngest son. George has been to college before and always learns a thing or two. He has a good time and so do the boys.

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Mulberry Tart said...

Have a great time. Think of me and how much I would like to be there.


Have a great time.. I know how you feel re George.. I can't bear to leave my Molly for even a day... so much so that we bought a holiday house several years ago, for her... that way she is always with me!! She is 13 in November and I have only been away from her I think 3 times and that was really hard!! P.S: tell George I think he is very handsome!! Love your work Frieda. Lx

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