Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birmingham UK

British Translator Wanted Visiting the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK, August 14 – 17? Then please stop in at the Artfabrik Booth, B7, and say hello. Laura Wasilowski and I have a great selection of hand dyed fabrics, threads, silk, and beautiful art quilt patterns for sale. (And we love Cadbury chocolate.)
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Mai-Britt said...

I will definitely come by and have a look at all those lovely fabrics. Will you bring the quilt that graced the last issue of Quilting Arts? It would be lovely to see it for real!

See you soon, Mai-Britt

Ps. It is Cadbury not Canbury - just to make sure you get the right stuff - ;O)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't miss the opportunity for the world. I may even have chocolate!

Anne Lullie said...

OMIGOSH Gals; you are really there?!? This is SOO exciting; I am SOOO jealuos! Can't wait to hear your stories; have some really British Tea for me okay?
Get lot's of pics for the blog; some "Bobbies" and some "lads and birds" ; I also like to say 'No whinging!" (Let me know- if they really say those things?)
Beautiful "Quilting arts" quilt; I am fusing up some new silk quils as fast as I can! Have a LOVELY time; Love,Anne

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