Friday, August 15, 2008

Festival of Quilts

Here we are in the UK at the Festival of Quilts, this is my new BFF Mai-Britt. She saw we were coming and made sure to stop in and say hello. We are seeing lots of people we know and making lots of new friends.
Our stall at the quilt show
It is a very small space but with great light from an over head skylight and fabulously friendly people. The walls are pinnable and the carpet comes with the booth. Fantastic
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Trish Williams said...

It looks like you are having a great time and I'll see you when I'll see you and have a safe return.

judy coates perez said...

I told Mai-britt to look for you, it is so nice to see her lovely smiling face along with yours.

Mai-Britt said...

Thanks Frieda, great to see you and Laura in person - and shop for some of your fab fabrics and yarns....... Hope you will come back next year - perhaps teaching?
Ps.Mai-Britt, not Mia-Britt
ha-ha ;O)

Mrs. Mel said...

Wow. What a great booth, with pinnable walls. Wish we had always had that instead of the many heavy fixtures. Smart Brits.

Nana B said...

What fun, I always love visiting your's and Laura's blogs, I really want to be able to play like you do. Taking a class from Laura in Feb. Can't wait. Hope to see you again in MN. Mary

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