Monday, June 23, 2008

Strip Series

I have a new class that I am offering, that is different from my fusing classes. This class deals with repetition and piecing. I like to piece quilts as well as fuse. I enjoy the processes of free form piecing, it has a totally different feel to the way the work looks. I have found that I like to fuse smaller compositions and then make a bigger bolder statement with a pieced quilt.
The class is called "Strip Series". STRIP - to cut or tear into strips. To remove all excess detail from: reduce to essentials. To dismantle.

Creating our own designs. How do we start to transform our own ideas in to patterns and design. Traditional quilts start with a simple or complex block and to achieve pattern, repeat it over and over again.

Where do we get ideas for pattern from?
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Anonymous said...

The class sounds interesting. Will you be teaching it at the next Mancuso show in Chicago this fall?

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