Friday, December 7, 2012

Craftsy Patterns

I have recently added my e-patterns to the Craftsy site.

I just uploaded my pattern and directions for the Christmas Tree Skirt.

You can also order the fabric for the skirt on my website. It takes 5 1/2 yards for the front and binding. 

Jamie ordered the fabric just last week and she sent me this picture of her progress THIS week. I'll bet she has it under the tree by Monday!


Jamie says, “My kitty, Winks find the colors of the tree skirt irresistible!” 

 I think you will too. Here it is under my tree. 
Aren't those colors just eye popping!!
Happy Quilting today.


PJs Lapperier said...

Nice quilt.
Charming little Kittie!

Anonymous said...

The tree skirt is beautiful, and the kitten adorable. Craftsy is becoming a more attractive destination all of the time now!

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