Monday, December 31, 2012

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. I am afraid of deep water.
Maybe I got in too deep over my head when I was a little girl swimming, but really the fear is more about not being able to see what is out there in the deep deep water, or underground caves.

2. Sometimes I am afraid to fail.
I really don’t have a lot of fears. Oh sometimes I get frighten by something going bump in the night.

And sometimes I still get that - “I didn’t study for the test” - night mare . But over all I am not AFRAID.

I do find that I will throw stuff in my way when I don’t know how to start a project, or haven’t figured out how to work out the problem yet, or said yes to something I really should have said NO to.

But eventually I just jump in. I like the jumping in part.

Sometimes in the middle of the project I want to bail.

But I learned a long time ago to try to finish what you start, if for no other reason than to learn from the mistakes and feel good about yourself for finishing what you began.

This quilt was my first attempt at making the quilt underneath it. I was AFRAID of doing the border the way I wanted to. The first attempt just IS NOT as wonderful. I finished the composition and then started over.

wispering wind-1
Whispering Pines went on to win a “Judges Choice” award in Houston and now lives in Oklahoma somewhere. 

It is a MUCH better composition and color choice and over all better piece because I redid it and faced my fear. I faced my fear and moved on.

I do think that many people are afraid of “Using or wearing” color. To me using or wearing black is a cop out and I feel almost the same about black in quilts.

Color is just too yummy to ignore.

3.I just can not think of something else that I am afraid of.
Want to share what you are afraid of?

It feels a little cathartic to share. Let’s all start the NEW YEAR facing our fears!!! I find that when I face the fear it usually isn’t as bad as I thought.

Happy Quilting.


Gene Black said...

I have two serious fears.

I am terrified of heights - I can not climb very high on a ladder. (I have never been on the roof of my house because I freeze) However, I love flying in an airplane. (go figure)

I am scared of birds. I freak out if they fly at me or light on me. It is not a "go wild" freak out, it is mostly internal but I do flinch. That said, I love watching birds and taking photos of them.

I have that "can't get my locker open, going to be late for class" dream on occasion -usually when I am conflicted about something.

Crazy Cuban said...

1. I'm afraid of swimming in water that is not clear. The thought of a beastie being right next to me, or below me is creepy.

This all started when I was young and swimming in Galveston where fish can bump into you and "things" sometimes nibble at your feet.

2. Free motion quilting is a total freak out for me! I feel like I'm not in control and will ruin my top.

One of my new year's resolutions is to set aside more time to practice free-motion quilting. I need to make lots of muslin sandwiches and practice, practice, practice. I also need to make a simple top and just let loose and free motion quilt the whole thing. If I ruin it at least I'll learn from the mistakes.

3. I can't think of anything else I'm afraid of. By now I've faced all my old fears and gotten over them.

Needled Mom said...

I am afraid in bad storms and of a bad earthquake!

I love the colors too. The Whispering Pines is just gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm afraid of heights. I think that this stems from falling down a flight of stairs when I was in 4th grade, breaking my wrist.

2. I'm afraid of not being perfect, or failing. It causes me to delay doing some things, though most of the time I will eventually just close my eyes and go for it.

I've been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember, and won't start unless I know that I will be able to do a good job of it. Part of it is also that I've had to be frugal with my resources most of my life, and don't want to ruin or waste something. That's how I came to have about 50 UFO's....most of which were waiting for FMQ. I spent 2012 learning FMQ, and will now work on reducing that number.

No other fears that I can think of....

thepiececorps said...
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thepiececorps said...

1. Fear of drowning, a cousin was teasing that he would drop me off a bridge over a creek between two Minnesota lakes and I went in...I can get in water but don't want anyone near near the ocean and the beach is my favorite place to be...on the sand!
2. Fear of losing my job...again ...being on unemployment after the elimination of my team at work in Denver has been devastating, especially at my age.
3. Fear of success? Not certain if that is my fear exactly but I would love to write a quilting book on a subject that I have not seen published, but don't know where to start...I work best under a deadline so maybe I need to assign a deadline for jumping in the proverbial deep end?!?

Marsha said...

1. Deathly afraid of train tracks. No explanation at all - irrational fear that seems to worsen as I age.
2. I, too, am a perfectionist and hesitate to start projects that might not be perfect. Still working on fighting this one.
3. I'm afraid of walking out of a dark room which started when my parents moved my bedroom upstairs when my sister was born and I was all alone up there in all that darkness.

Thearica said...

I am afraid of heights and like Gene, I can get up the ladder, but don't even think I am coming down... So I don't go up...

And unlike Gene... This keeps me from flying.. I know I would have a heartache the moment the plane started to go up...

I am also afraid of deep water.. I do not like to get past my waist as I tend to lose my balance.

I am afraid of horses and cows... which most likely stems from being ran by a cow when I was very young. If my grandmother had not been in the field and rescued me I would most likely not be here today.

And last but definitely not least. I am scared to death of spiders!!!! Let one be in the truck when we are traveling and I come unglued.

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