Friday, October 12, 2012

Gotta love those colors

Fall is my very favorite time of year. I guess I like the weather, cool at night and warm during the day.

I always had a new school to go to in the fall as we moved so often and I guess I liked the idea of a new start.

Of course we also got new shoes, clothes and art supplies. That is probably why I like fall so much the new ART Supplies.

But really it’s the colors that attract me the most, the beautiful fall foliage. Here are a few pictures I took  while out walking with George.


I hope you have a a beautiful fall weekend.

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Anonymous said...

What a treat for me, to get to see the fall colors in your area! We don't really have them here unless you drive a few hours to go to the northern mountains. I've always loved everything about Fall, including the Fall colors. But you're right...we always got new clothes, shoes, coats, school supplies, etc. I call that "frosting on the cake". lol

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