Friday, October 5, 2012

Bargain shopping

I found these great bargains at a resale shop recently.
I just love a bargain.
They were each 50cents. WoW
The Paula Nadlestern book alone was worth the whole trip.

I worked with Paula this summer at the NQA show in Columbus OH, she is really fabulous. We found out we both love coffee ice cream. Quilters are just so great. Have a great fall weekend!!


Nina Marie said...

wow Fieda - nice find!! what a blessing! I took the class with Paula when that book came out and - just be warned - it took me 22 hrs to make one snowflake block - LOL - so I treasure my book but only did make the one block! It was worth it since Paula was so great though!

Anonymous said...

Niiice!! What a bargain!!

Janice PD said...

And I thought I was the best bargain shopper! I love to find books like this with no major investment. It gives me a chance to decide if they stay on my shelves or get passed along to someone else.

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