Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is what you are missing if you are not in GRAND RAPIDS

The photos I posted before of my booth where from other shows.fagrandrapids2012-2
Here are the real thing!
I have been getting ready to film a few new episodes on Quilting Arts TV AND a DVD with Laura for Quilting Arts.

So I have spent the last few weeks making new pieces for those episodes. I also made a few new pieces for sale in Grand Rapids.


This new Cat Tails quilt is mounted on  Timtex covered in fused fabric. Several of you were curious about the process and that will be covered on the new DVD.

These Trees on a hill are quilted on Timtex. This process will be covered on the DVD too.

I’m LOVING these new leaves. 
The fabric behind the leaves are made from two different dyed silks. It is so yummy in person.

Stipey Trees on a Hill, when you are on a roll go with it. This one is NOT mounted on Timtex. Variety is the key.

Now don’t you feel like you are really here with me! Too bad if you aren’t, I’ll miss you.


Paola Murgia said...

mondo favoloso, mi sto appassionando a questa tecnica, mi piace molto.

sue viall said...

I also use timtex, wish they made it with fuse already on it ,,, fast to fuse does,,, but not as thick ,,, what's a girl to do ,,,

sue viall said...

Ps. I see dragonfly on your cattails !!!!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Beautiful new pieces! I especially like the Cat Tails.

Deborah OHare said...

It all looks wonderful(and I am looking for display tips!)

charlotte hickman said...

love your new leaves!!!also the way you quilt not up to the edge on the quilts with no binding--I think the pillow case turned ones--great stitching!!!

Lisa Chin said...

I love the look of the silk. I bet it is fabulous in person. I will miss you too - perhaps another show sometime soon!

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