Friday, August 10, 2012

Fusing the blues away

My good friend Roberta is recovering from cancer.

While going through her chemo treatments she found it hard to do any “real” sewing.

So she decided to do some fusing. Fusing helped chase the blues away and kept her hands, heart and mind busy.

Here are some of the pieces she made during her treatments.
This is the “tiny” version of my pattern Winter Dreaming. All my patterns come with a little version to make using your left over fused scraps.

Roberta has two or three cats, I’m not sure. One is untouchable when I go to visit. You know the kind.

I LOVE the coloration on this version of my pattern “Wild Blue Jacks”. Those are some of Roberta’s one hand dyes in the background and border.

Roberta had me teach dyeing to her quilt “bee” several years ago in her garage. We had a great time doing all the gradations and then just playing around with color. I worked them hard.

From my pattern “Peace, Love, Joy”. This just makes me so happy.

The colors in “Tulips” is incredibly gorgeous, this picture taken with my iPhone doesn’t do it justice.

Roberta is now done with her chemo and recovering well. She is starting to machine quilt these fabulous pieces. Roberta choose to fuse rather than fuss in the face of adversity. You go girl.


Gene Black said...

creativity is a great way to deal with stress in a constructive way! Go Roberta!!!

Frieda Anderson said...

That's right go Roberta GO!

Anonymous said...

That was a great idea to be able to be creative still during a challenging time, while stocking up projects to finish later. What an encouragement Roberta is to us all!

Candied Fabrics said...

Frieda, that is so awesome! How wonderful that she was able to bring color and joy into what I am sure was a stressful, grey, worrying time! I'm so glad to hear she's recovering!

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