Monday, August 27, 2012

Christmas in July

Oh wait it’s August, where did the summer go?

We have had incredible heat here in the mid-west this summer. Normally the temp’s don’t get over 90 degrees, but we had weeks and weeks of 90 degree heat and now all of a sudden it is cool. The world is coming to an end I know it!

Anyway with this cooler weather it made me think of the coming holidays. I love the fall and the winter holidays. Last year I made a really fun and easy Christmas Tree skirt that was featured in Quilting Arts gift 2011/2012 issue. Maybe you saw it.



It is a completely fused tree skirt and you make it in four panels, quilt each panel and then join them with FUSED strips. Easy to make and assemble and really fun and bright for the holidays.

It inspired me to create a pattern to go with it.





These are the easiest little quilts to make. If you make all three you have two holidays ready to celebrate, Christmas and Valentines, you could even put out one for Thanksgiving and then switch it with the other one for Christmas.

I used to really decorated the house for all the different holidays when the kids were still around. Now Christmas is the only one I still go all out for and really only when we are home and not in Florida or PA.

I still have my Christmas wall hanging up from last year, and now that it is almost Christmas again, well half the year IS over, I can just say I am ready early.


I made this wall hanging in 1992 and it is HAND pieced, with some HAND applique and HAND quilted. I can do it all if I want to, just really don’t want to any more.



sue viall said...

You started like the test of us,,, hand Appliqué ,, not after I took a class with Laura ,,,, a bulb went on ,, an epiphany !!!!!!! Now I'm a fuser and loven it !!!

Julie Bagamary said...

I'm looking forward to your workshop when you are in Asheville next month.

Gill said...

I like the tree skirt!We hardly ever see that magazine here in the UK so I'm going to look on ebay for it!

patchouli moon studio said...

Great tree skirt. My daughter wanted a tree skirt and this gives me a great idea, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

They are fun and pretty quilts for the holidays. Like you, I always decorated for holidays until it was just us. If the kids come for a visit, the big tree and all the decorations go up. But when it's just us, we go much smaller these days, and little quilts like that would fit perfectly.

Barb said...

Your Christmas in July is fabulous, love the tree skirt!

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