Monday, July 23, 2012

Quilt show floor plans

Every year Laura Wasilowski and I share booth space at two major quilt shows.

Some years we do several smaller shows as well.

This year I will be all alone by myself in our booth in Grand Rapids. Laura has other stuff to do.

We have a pretty easy set up for our booth these days.

I decided several years ago to invest in “Velcro” walls.

These walls go up with hooks over the polls provided by the convention center.
See those black walls, Velcro Drapes that I made.

So now we just put up the drapes. Attach the quilts to the drapes with Velcro and drape the tables with black table cloths.

Put all the gorgeous hand dyed fabric and thread on the tables and we are good to go.

I also have a black metal rack for my patterns.
Last year we added a very cushy mat floor. 

You will want to come to my booth - #517 in Grand Rapids and stand on the floor. 

Also you NEED to come to my booth at Grand Rapids and give me a potty break, because I will be  there all alone with no one to let me run around the show.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

You can count on me for a break. I will be there with my Gathering for the trip south quilt of Robins.
See you then

Gene Black said...

I wish I was able to be there Frieda. I would be happy to provide booth coverage while you did the necessary trip. The booth picture looks great.
Can you explain the Velcro walls?

Gayle from MI said...

I'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish that I could be there to help you! It would be a lot of fun. I love the organization and simplification for the booth.

Suzanne said...

If you need help Frieda I can assist. I've vended at shows before and know how tough it is to be on your own. Let me know if you need me.

yvonne said...

This week I will see Laura at Omaha, does she need help too?

yvonne said...

Will be seeing Laura in Omaha this week in Omaha will she need some of the same kind of help too?

charlotte hickman said...

love your quilts and WOW what a great class in Paducah at the wonderful Museum--THANKS
Charlotte from OK

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