Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Storing thread

I just recently visited some one’s blog who was showing their studio space. It looked so gorgeous and white, and I noticed that they had all the pretty colored thread on one of those thread racks. I used to have four of those thread racks for storing and displaying my thread, but what I discovered was that my thread got “dusty”. Some threads you just don’t use that often and especially those threads were really dusty.
So when I moved to the basement of our home for my new studio.
I moved all my thread into plastic containers. I now have it sitting under my sewing table and to the left of where I sit. This affords me easy access to all my colors as well as keeps it out of the sun, and dust.
I have it organized by weight. I like to use different weight thread for different effects, so my thread is sorted into silk or thin thread, rayon or heavier weight thread, cotton bobbin thread, cotton heavier weight thread and variegated thread.
Here are three of the units that store my thread. The top one has one color of silk thread, the four drawers
have different colors of silk thread and the bottom larger drawer has cotton bobbin weight thread in large spools.
This little three drawer chest has small spools of bobbin weight thread and polyester weight thread.


There is another chest under the bobbin weight thread that has three larger drawers – the top picture- and each drawer has a different kind of thread, rayon, variegated cotton, and really heavy cotton hand dyed and other heavy thread.
I also have a small five drawer chest where I store my different size and types of needles. One drawer has universal needles for piecing, three draws have different types of machine quilting needles, one for microtex needles that I use when machine quilting with silk or monofilament threads, embroidery needles when I machine quilt with rayon thread and quilting needles for machine quilting with cotton thread. The bottom drawer has miscellaneous needles.

This keeps everything close by, clean and easy to find.

Organizing is not my forte but it really helps to know where stuff is.
Share with us how you store stuff.


Carol A. Babineau said...

I also store thread that way, but have a large tile on top of my drawers, so the top stuff sits straight and stable.
Got them at Home Depot.

Anonymous said...

I live in the desert with a south facing window in my quilt room, so between having a cat that loves that room and blowing dust, it's a real issue to keep thread clean. I hadn't really noticed the condition of my thread until a couple of months ago, because I would just dust it before using.

A couple of months ago I started migrating my threads from the racks on the wall into plastic fishing tackle boxes. They have inserts so I can organize rows of different weights or types of threads, and have labels on top to tell me what type is in that particular box. Every so often I pick up a new box for the next type of thread that I want to clear off the rack.

The top of the box may get dusty, but now my thread doesn't!

Frieda said...

Thanks for those insights. I know people like to see all the pretty colors of the thread on the wall, I certainly did, but I just couldn't deal with the dust anymore.

Lisa said...

A few months ago I bought a wonderful set of drawers from Ikea for my threads. I have them organized by types of threads but am thinking about switching it up to color. I don't have as many threads as you do but when I collect that many I will probably switch it up again. ;) Thanks for sharing.

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