Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Fall colors - who doesn't love fall. It is my FAVORITE season. The weather starts to turn crisp, the colors start to change and it leads to a wonderful 3 months full of holidays. Prairie Winter, Pumpkin Patch, October Sky, and Winter Sky are my new fall fabric gradations. They are priced at $22 a yard. You can also get a nice little sampler of four thin quarters for $22.

I am thankful today for the fall weather. And the blogger who gives me the best tip on how I can improve my blog will win this five step gradation in purples, a $30 value.  5 fat quarters of five different shades of purple. A fiver for free. Let me hear your comments. Let the improvement begin.


Mommarock said...

I would love to see a place where you could find clickable instruction. Basics for beginners. Dying for dying :) and then you could find the instructions and tips in that tab. Just easier to find your area.

Frieda said...

Yea know up at the top of the page are tabs that take you to pages that do just that. The dye page walks you through each chapter in my book, the binding page walks you through a fused binding. The machine quilting tab has all my tips on MQ. I guess I could do a basic fusing page too. Thanks

Suztats said...

Frieda, I like the format just the way it is. There is a clean crisp look that is not all filled with doodads and frou-frou, or with flashing pics and blaring music.
What about your blog were you looking to improve? I don't think it needs anything.

Frieda said...

Oh I don't know, just get more viewers I guess. I like it to, I am a no frills no frou-frou kinda a person. Thanks for the comments.

Debi said...

I read Melodys blog everyday also and I love the pics of her dogs. When there are no pics I'm sorta sad. Don't you have a kitty, maybe she could become your new branding gimic? Us quilters love pets you know. I was going to suggest a gold fish, but they are sorta boring.

sewmuch2do said...

Hi Frieda,

How about just longer blogs with more about your creative process and your inspirations? Also, how about a reference section where you can easily look up previous blogs/tutorials?

Finally how about some more Youtube tutorials?

I have to say Fall is bittersweet - the days are shorter and colder - hard for those of us who love sunshine and the outside. But the leaves changing are gorgeous and it means more quilting days!

geni said...

The content of your blog is ok, but the lay-out needs more attention to give it more pizzazz.
If you want I can give you some tips by email.

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