Monday, November 29, 2010

Mother Earth Alphabet and Story Book

Meridith W. just sent me this picture of the baby quilt she made using two yards of my bright multi-gradation rainbow stripe fabrics. She used Sieglinde Schoen Smith’s Mother Earth's ABC: A Quilter's Alphabet and Story Book for the pattern. I think it looks fabulous and would certainly want one for myself.


I am trying to finish up a few projects before my mother arrives on Friday. I think Laura and Judy and I will go to the “One of a Kind” show at the Merchandize mart on Thursday. This is such a great show and we love to look at all the marvelous creations. Hopefully I will be able to take a few pics to post.

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Dionne said...

That is beautiful, I want one too! I just don't think I have the patience to make one of my own (applique isn't my thing). I have this great idea, think your friend will make one for me too? ;-)
No? Well, it's still beautiful, and your fabric is perfect in that quilt.

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