Monday, December 28, 2009


When I am working on a project that has many different threads, I do two things to help me keep track of the colors I am using. First I wind multiple bobbins for areas that I know I am going to use a lot of quilting, that way while I am working and I run out of bobbin thread I can just grab another one and change it out quickly. Second I keep all of the thread in a bowl next to me so that I can easily get the colors that I need as I work. I often change back and forth with my colors depending on where I am in the quilting process on the quilt

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Diane J. Evans said...

You made me feel so smart, Frieda -- I do the same thing with my thread for each project, except that I put them in a plastic basket that isn't nearly as beautiful as yours. Thanks for shring this!


Diane J. Evans said...

I type too fast -- that should be "sharing."


Renee said...

Freida, I also wind bobbins in advance. I hate having to stop quilting because the bobbin thread has run out. But instead of putting them in a bowl, especially when I have colors that are just a shade or two off. I stack the bobbins on top of the matching spool of thread. If I have extra bobbins for the thread that is in the machine, I stack those. This way, I don't have to stop and figure out which one goes with what. I can just grap and go! Funny how such a little thing can make life so much smoother. :-)

Beaz said...

Good hint! I´m always so anxious to start sewing that I´ve never done that! I exactly know what it means to go through the nuisance of not having allowed a few minutes to do so!
I´ll try this...

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