Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clean Studio

This is what a clean studio is suppose to look like, mine looks like this once a year, MAYBE.
Does anyone else have that problem of getting rid of the clutter and keeping everything in it's place? I really struggle with throwing out and organizing.



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West Michigan Quilter said...

Isn't it a good feeling to have everything clean and organized? I keep wondering why I don't do it more often. Love your studio and particularly the last picture which gives me an idea of the size of your quilts. They are lovely.

SewCalGal said...

I don't mind organizing, but I don't like throwing out. My sewing room is certainly in a state of chaos more times of the year. I'm currently trying to do some machine embroidery projects and clean my sewing room, while my machine is busy doing an embroidery project. Makes the cleaning & organizing time less painful!


Vivika said...

Studios aren't supposed to be clean! Mine gets a "once over" every couple of weeks... if I wanted a clean studio, I'd be a maid ;-)

On another note, I love that your dog is in the thick of things as you work. I loved my Jack Russel (looks like your dog) and miss him terribly... he now lives "in cloth" on my studio wall and as the banner on my blog. Give your pooch a hug from me...


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I often wonder if those people with studios that are always neat ever work in them??

Diane J. Evans said...

We quilters are gatherers and savers -- there will never be a studio large enough to satisfy any of us nor neat enough so that we can find what we've gathered (that's my story and I'm sticking to it . . .).

Love your studio, Frieda!


Laura Wasilowski said...

I didn't recognize it at first, but yes, that is your studio under there.
Hi George!

Judi said...

my studio is a big mess right now and since I finished all my christmas gifts it's time to clean and organize it I hate not being able to find stuff.

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