Friday, September 4, 2009

Projects at Quilting Adventures

I had such an uplifting experience at Quilting Adventures. There were 18 students who worked really hard and did a wonderful job of coming out of their “comfort” boxes. I already posted the first days project, but here they area again with the second days work. They started out using two 1/2 yards of my hand dyed fabrics in two different color ways, bright and blackened. From these they created variations of my design called “Dancing Tree”. On the second day they had to start with an idea or picture and begin to build their own design. For some of the gals this was a giant leap and I was so pleased and proud of the way they just jumped right in. No whining in this class! Here are their two projects pictured together.

IMG_2876 IMG_2877 IMG_2878

IMG_2887 IMG_2884 IMG_2886 IMG_2896 IMG_2889 IMG_2891 IMG_2895 IMG_2893 IMG_2894

IMG_2888 IMG_2880 IMG_2882 Barbara using up every little piece of fused fabric. 6” x 7”


Barbara and Alice do a fantastic job of putting together a retreat, and if you ever have the opportunity to go to one of the Quilting Adventure programs you will love it. Stop by their booth in Houston to see what they are offering in the spring. Thanks guys for a great three days!!

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Sylvia said...

Wow! These are awesome. I really wish you would come to Houston and I could attend a workshop. I'm new to quilting but you look like the person I should learn from! -Sylvia

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