Friday, September 18, 2009

Michigan Showcase

I have just returned from a beautiful fall week end in Lansing MI at the Michigan Showcase Quilt show. My students were fabulous and very willing to take risks and step outside their box. Here are a few close ups from my “Small Autumn Mums” class.IMG_2991


Although I am not teaching Small Autumn Mums in Des Moines, you can still sign up for

Blooming Fun, which is a 1/2 day similiar class.


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. I just wish I lived closer and could take a class with you. Maybe someday I'll be able to take a class with you at a quilt show or you'll be in So. Cal.


Sylvia said...

These are absolutely phenomenal quilts! I am very impressed. I wish I didn't live in Texas so I could come to your classes. I'm sure they are just great.

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Frieda said...

Sylvia and Sew Cal,
I will be teaching in Houston this year, two half day classes. You should stop by and say hello. And I would always love to come to Southern California and teach :)

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