Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite things

I am a big fan of sweaters by Oleana.
This is a Norwegian company and guess what, they are based outside of Bergen Norway where I was just teaching.
Brett and Marti and I were lucky enough to be taken to the Oleana factory for a tour by one of my hostess, and even got to meet one of the owners. A lovely woman. She allowed me to take pictures of the factory and the workers.
Here are a few of those images.
I had such fun being there and even picked up a new sweater and hat for myself.
making sweaters in Oleana factory Bergen Norway
This is one of the machine that adds the trim to the finished sweaters. I don’t know if you can tell but it is knitting in the round to add the top and bottom details.
Piles of parts waiting to be assembled in Oleana factory
This cart was piled with sweater parts. I love it. I wanted to take all the different sweater parts and compile my own unique sweater.
I literally was in heaven seeing all these designs and the production of this product that I love so much.
Patchwork made from Oleana sweaters in Bergen NorwayIMG_1629IMG_1643
The picture on the left is in their lunch room. It is a quilt made from knitted sweater fabric. The Center picture is the store at the factory and the one on the right are current sweaters from their catalog.
This was on the wall, several of their catalog pages from past catalogs.
It was a happy happy excursion.


Cornwoman said...

That was interesting! I love the quilt hanging on the wall, and the knitting machine putting the top and bottom finishing edge in the round was fun.

Stella said...

I'm so happy to see the photo of the trim-knitting thing - I LOVE weird ultra-specific machinery!

Meg said...

thanks so much for sharing the interesting pictures. you were so lucky to see behind the scenes. everytime I see someone hand making something it makes my heart sing! Meg

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