Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The eye is in the detail

I love looking at old embroidery and decorative arts.

Here are just a few of the images I took at different museums on our trip to Norway.

Viking Ship Oslo Norway
One of the two Viking ships at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.
Wagon inside Viking ship
This wagon was also inside one of the ships. It is heavily carved and massive. Those wheels were about 36” or more across.

IMG_1536Folk Art Museum Oslo NorwayIMG_1543Folk Art Museum Oslo NorwayFolk Art Museum Oslo NorwayFolk Art Museum Oslo Norway

Some of the folk art paintings on trunks, baskets, doors and hutches in the Folk Art Museum.
What I noticed most about the paintings, was that so many of the motifs and designs are still being used in our quilting world today.

Irons in Oslo Folk art museumSewing basket Oslo NorwayFolk Art Museum Oslo Norway

Irons, sewing cabinet and embroidered head gear. The embroidery on this hat reminds me so much of Mexican embroidery.

Folk Art Museum Oslo NorwayIMG_1554IMG_1557IMG_1559
Houses at the Folk Art Museum in Oslo.

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Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous! It takes one's breath away to think about how old those things are, but how beautiful and timeless too. I love it!

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