Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspired to Quilt

I've got some very exciting news! Coming up soon on March 7th-10th
there is going to be a very special online event that you are not going
to want to miss.

Willow Bend Creations Online Quilt Expos is hosting the
"Inspired To Quilt" Online Quilt Expo. This event will bring all of the
sights, sounds and excitement of a live quilt show right into your
home via your computer.

And guess what...? I'm going to be one of the featured presentations.
I've been nominated as the "Most Inspiring Quilt Instructor Of 2011".
It's quite an honor and I would really appreciate your support in
coming out and voting for me.

This is going to be a lot of fun and it's free for anyone to attend.

So be sure to register by clicking on the link below and tell all of your friends
so they don't miss out on the fun! You can watch me make one of my patterns - Star Lillies.
Here's that link: See you there,


Gill said...

Congratulations Frieda!!
This sounds a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations! I totally agree with them that you are the best at both teaching and inspiring us! The event sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Suztats said...

Wonderful news! I'm sure it will be so much fun.
I can't watch vids....streaming difficulties due to my satellite connection, darn it, so I'll have to miss this. rats.

Vicki said...

I've just registered. This is so exciting. What a great way to learn. I'm so impressed by the generosity of quilting experts. Best of luck. I love your work.

Connie said...

Congrats Frieda! I can understand as I always enjoy your work!

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