Friday, May 13, 2011

Design Wall Friday

I wanted to share a photo of my design wall that I took a few days ago.  There are two pieces on it that I didn't do.  The zebra was thread painted by a friend in Australia for an exchange, and I was the one lucky enough to receive it!  The other is the fall leaves with a wire snail, done by another friend for a different exchange.  The green and gold quilt is an original quilt that I did for a challenge/contest by my guild.  It was the first time I've ever entered a quilt in a contest, and it won first place!  I have finished and unfinished things hanging on the design wall.  I just haven't hung the finished pieces up yet.  There is one small quilt that I just started yesterday afternoon and is not able to be hung up there yet.  When it does, I'll clear a spot and send another photo.



Thanks for sharing Mary,  I hope more of you out there will send me pictures to share, along with a little story.

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