Sunday, October 17, 2010

Small Autumn Mums

I always ask my students to send me pictures of their projects when they are finished and I like to post them on the blog for all of you to see. What I really hope my students come away with is the ability to create their own works of art after learning a new technique from a step by step approach in class. I certainly think that Lynn from Nebraska did just that.

I wanted to show you that I did get the "Small Autumn Mums" quilt finished.  I was in your class at QuiltNebraska in North Platte, Nebraska in July (I was the one with the blue cast on my leg)  I really enjoyed the class and working on this quilt was a totally freeing technique for me.  I have blogged about my progress on my blog

I did a lot of close machine quilting on my quilt then did some shading with colored pencils.  The quilted vine and leaves on the border did not show up as much as I wanted them too so shaded those areas plus shaded the flowers a little, especially the purple one.

I love the quilt and have it hanging in my family room - thank you for the class and your beautiful hand dyed fabric we used for this project.

Lynn Greer 


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