Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Machine quilting

I find it interesting to get all the comments about machine quilting, everyone has such good ideas. I hope if you are reading this that you will share any tips that you have found to help you stay organized and productive with your machine quilting.

Two other things I do with my needles to keep them handy and organized are;

1. I have a small plastic drawer set that I keep all my needles in. Each drawer is for a different kind of machine or hand needle. That way I can very quickly access the correct needle type.


2. I keep a small lidded container in a drawer of my sewing cabinet and when I break a needle, and I do do that sometimes, or I have sewn on a needle for over 8 hours,a needles life span, and am ready to discard it, I have a safe place to dispose of it. Once the container is full I will throw away the whole thing and find a new small lidded container to fill up again. I also dispose of my used rotary cutter blades in this container. That way when they all go into the land fill they will not harm the little creatures that may rummage around in the landfill.


I hope that you will share a new and useful tip here for all to see. Have a great day creating.


asheridan said...

Did you know you can send in used rotary cutter blades and get new ones at a reduced price from I haven't done it yet, but know people who have & are satisfied with the services.

Frieda said...

That is an exactly idea, they always seem to get dull so fast and are so expensive. I am going to give it a try, thanks

Relentless Toil said...

Dear Frieda, I've been admiring your work in books for many years, it only now occurred to me that you'd blog! It's a treat to connect with you in this way.
I'm so glad to hear about sending in the used rotary cutter blades and keeping rummaging critters safe - I haven't thrown any away yet, I've been labeling the dull ones "bad" with a Sharpie and putting them back in their original containers.
I keep my (many - ha ha) broken needles in childproof pill bottles.
I keep several loaded bobbins in a pretty Japanese rice bowl near the machine so I can just reach in and grab when I need a new bobbin. I keep the clips for my Easy Quilter frame in their own rice bowl too, and there is always a magnet handy in case I drop a pin or needle in the 70s shag carpet on the studio floor.
--Keet near Philadelphia, PA

Frieda said...

Thanks for those comments.

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