Thursday, September 2, 2010

FAC show Mid-West Meditations at Bloomingdale Park District Museum

Yesterday my husband Brett and I hung the new FAC show at the Bloomingdale Park District  Museum in Bloomingdale IL. It was so great having him there to help me. He is so logical and practical. We measured and leveled and had the show up in 2 1/2 hours. Then we went out for sea food. Perfect afternoon with my husband. A little art, a little food, a little fun.



Laura Wasilowski said...

Thanks for hanging the show Frieda. And thanks to Brett too!
Hope you've recovered from your jet lag.

Linda Moran said...

I'm getting caught up on all your back adventures - love the dyed fabrics, the garments are gorgeous! Really gorgeous stuff!

Ramona Lindsey, Artist said...

It's inspiring to know that art quilting can be a family business. I enjoy your work. When will the show open to the public?

Trish Williams said...

I thank you also for hanging the show and with a good husband to give you hand is an extra added blessing. It looks great and I'll see you at the opening reception.

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