Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My garden

I love these ornamental lilies and have several different colors in my garden.

I wish this bunny no harm, but I surely wish it would stay away from my vegtables! If it wasn't so cute I would let George have his way with it!
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Carol said...

Very pretty shade of pink.

Love the bunny even though it could cause some destruction to your veggies.

Lisa said...

Awwww so adorable. I'm glad he doesn't live in my yard! ;)

Candice Hope said...

We have had some bunny issues as well, in the lettuce patch.
I just planted some lilies like yours, I need to look up how to care for them. Do you know if they need to be dug up and taken in for the winter or are they annuals? I don't even know if they are bulbs or not... I just took them out of the pot and stuck them in the dirt, didn't inspect what was IN the dirt!
and congrats on the incoming addition to your family!

Frieda said...

These lilies are annuals. I only plant annuals in my garden. If it can't survive on it's own I don't deal with it. They winter just great. I love the colors. Too bad they don't last longer.

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