Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making friends and influencing people

Frieda - Thanks again for a great workshop in Minneapolis!  I learned a lot about free-motion quilting and now will practice, practice, practice!

As I told you I am sending a picture of how I used the quilt I made in your class "Dancing Trees" in Chicago a couple of years ago as the focal point of my studio.  You can see how the walls are lime green and your quilt design is on the wall that faces me when I walk in the room.  I smile whenever I look at it.  In fact I also have "Laughing Leaves" hanging in there and the opposite wall is painted orange and has Laura's design "Cat and Flower" on it, as well as her inspiration for the heart out of scraps quilt.  So, in total I have 4 of Laura and your designs in my studio!  I am completely in love with your designs!

I have also attached the "Tulips" quilt that I did as well.

Thank you for such great inspiration and generosity!


Without art-reality would be unbearable.

 barbannstudio barbanntulips barbannleaves

barbannlauraheart barbannlauracat

It also makes me happy seeing other people’s work space. Thanks for sharing!

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Carol said...

that is awesome! What a great and well deserved compliment. I love your work too and her studio.

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