Sunday, October 25, 2009

Student work

I always tell my students if they send me finished pictures of their class work I’ll put it on the blog. So here is work from Alice who took my three day class from Quilting Adventures. We had such a good time there.

Hi Frieda,

It was delightful talking with you at Quilt Festival last week.  I'm glad that you had such a good time there.  Enjoyed the photos on your blog this morning!

I'm attaching pictures of a few of my most recent works. The first is my completed first class project, "Silly Tree"  complete with crystals to sparkle it up. The red and green one is the second class project, called "Water Oak Study", 13" x 13 1/4".  The third is my version of your pumpkin quilt meant for the quilt shop to advertise your book when it comes in, besides I love the fall and have hung it in my "hallway gallery" for now. I've also done a couple little ones and have another planned for the next project. Your blue perle cotton hanks (Laura’s) nearly didn't get home from quilt bee last Tuesday.  Two of the ladies were really coveting them. Do have a beautiful fall and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In  stitches,


Brenda's Quilt, Sunset 007 Art quiltsalice alicepumpkin

I especially like the oak leaf one, Alice’s use of repetition and color is very nice. I just returned from working in Las Vegas, it was a wonderful trip. It isn’t all about gambling there, so many people have moved there to retire and for the wonderful weather. I expected the ladies to be really glitzy and tasseled, but they were regular quilters just like you and me.


anna la fata said...

are beautiful I like the left! Congratulations!norsu

QuiltingCyclist said...

You are a rock star! It was a pleasure to be in class with you and all of these are amazing.
As I stated in our class, I love your acorns.

Carol said...

The quilts are lovely.

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