Friday, May 8, 2009

May girls BD

Last Saturday Laura and I went into Chicago to have a girls day. We have in the past celebrated our BD's together with a big gathering at Melody's house. But alas Melody has moved away. Usually Emily and Anne join us too as they are May BD's as well, but schedules did not allow that to happen. We picked up Judy and Nina at their place and began the day by visiting the only quilt shop in Chicago. Quiltology. Nice place.
We then wandered around the city looking for a knit stop called Nina's. We eventually found that. I bought new needles because one of mine had broken. Wandering in Chicago on a Saturday morning is not a good idea, the traffic is a killer, but with all of us in the car it was a silly time. Finally we ended up back at Judy's and had a fabulous lunch. Trish Williams joined us for lunch. Fun and laughs were had by all.

Nina, Judy's daughter, made these delightful cream filled strawberries for dessert. They were placed on top of pound cake with more strawberries, which of course was over kill, but well received. I managed to pop a few directly into my mouth. YUM!
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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I really think the Chicago School of Fusing is ready to open another business: The Chicago Fusing Catering Company!
Nina can be the desert lady.

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