Saturday, May 23, 2009

I’m a new grandma of a puppy

WRIGLEY!! Meet my new grandpuppy. Isn’t she cute. I may have to use frequent flier miles and go visit her!! Not till June though!!!


verobirdie said...

Having a dog now is out of the question since I work all day. But when I retire (in many years) I'll have a dog, and it should be one like that.
She is really cute!

Mulberry Tart said...

love the name!

Laura Wasilowski said...

Ah, yes. I see the family resemblance..... to George. Very cute!

Anne Lullie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Frieda!!!And what a cute grandpuppy! My Fuzz is pretty adorable too; but Eats Everything in sight...Anne

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