Friday, March 6, 2009

Flooded with Color

One of the classes that I teach is called "Flooded with Color". It is a great class to learn the basics about hand dyeing fabric. We start out dyeing the color wheel in two different color ways and then move onto other fun ways to dye fabric. It is very important to know how the color wheel works and how colors are created, so that you can begin to experiment with creating your own colors.

Dyeing class in southern Illinois. We worked hard and got gorgeous fabrics and got a tan at the same time!!
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Diane J. Evans said...

WOW!! I wish you were teaching somewhere close to New York, Frieda -- I would LOVE to take this class from you. Those fabrics look yummy!


Claire O'Connor said...

Whaaa! Wonderful array! (I'm drooling with joy!) Great photos and thanks for sharing!

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