Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anne Lullie Workshop

My friend Anne Lullie has a great workshop called "Colorplay". I know some of you quilters out there are "shy" about color and this is the perfect opportunity, if you live in the IL or WI area, to experiment with lots of color in a fun and stress free environment.

"There are several spots left for my Half-day "Colorplay" workshop on Saturday Feb 7th 10 a.m-1 p.m. This is a very fun workshop where students learn about color theory and "playing" with color as they learn to use the color wheel, and the kit of pre-fused fabric in oodles of colors. This workshop is for all levels of quilter's; anyone who would like to get out of the house, have some fun with us, and can use an iron will enjoy this workshop! Great for curing Cabin Fever; and injecting some colorful ideas into your winter quiltmaking. Please contact: Jan Fenwick email quiltmaker220@yahoo.comor Anne Lullie email (Or reply to this email)my home phone is (847)658-2294 Anne Lullie"
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connie said...

Oh, I wish I lived in your area... Sounds like a wonderful workshop

Renee said...

oh... I wish I was closer to you. I love color and use it alot, and still think this would be a great way to learn tips from other color enthusiast.

Any chance this could be made into an online workshop, sending a fabric kit in a certain color range?

Anne Lullie said...

Thank you for your comments;amd Thak YOu Frieda for the promo plug! I am in the process of creating a Colorplay kit that would include intstuctions on how to use the color theories,& create your own unique art quilts; Another option might be to sponsor me as a guest to a guild in your area...Check my calendar on my website to see where I will be ..

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