Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mother of the Groom

Lars and Megan
OK here we go, I am starting to look for Mother of the Groom dresses. I sure could use some advice. I live in the Chicago land area, anyone out there who knows of a great shop to look for dresses please email me and let me know the name. I am going to the mall today with my mother to start the process. I just want to find something that I like and will feel comfortable in. So send me your suggestions if you have done this before.
Brides maid dresses
Cute sister brides maids.
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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Just a warning!
So many stores think mothers of the bride are OLD!
Sometimes finding something young, fashionable and comfortable is a real challenge.
I designed and made the MOB dresses for both of my son's weddings. They each had a little stylish jacket that I could take off as the weddings were in the summer at places that were not airconditioned.
For the third wedding I wore a Carter Smith weable art "thing" that was already in my closet. It was fabulous. K

Linda in Sarasota said...

One other suggestion. When I shopped for my MOG dress, someone went with me (usually dear hubby) and took pictures of me in each outfit. That way I could see how I would look in the photos (that eliminated many) and if there was something I liked, I emailed the pic to my daughter and asked her opinion.

Kay's suggestion on wearing something stylish and "young" is right on. If you feel great in the dress, then buy it! Unless Megan's mother is wearig a long dress, I'd go for a shorter one as there is a much wider selection.

Good luck.

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