Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Trees

Christmas morning
Tiny Duluth Trees

Sunset Pines
If you didn't know it already I love trees. These are just some of the images of Pine Trees that I have made over the years. They all seem appropriate for this time of year, celebrating with "The Christmas Tree." And of course they are all so fast to make. Those tiny Duluth Trees can be whipped up in 1/2 a day, start to finish.
I'm definitely beginning to feel the Christmas spirit. When Zac and Amelia where here we put out my Santa's on the mantel and I think this week I will hang all my angels. It's so fun to enjoy them for a month or so.
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Donna said...

You're a woman after my heart because I too LOVE trees! Your tree quilts and fabulous--I love 'em! D~~~~

Jackie Russell said...

Love the trees!

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