Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun quilting

Yesterday Debbie came into the booth with a big surprise. She had bought my SunDance Pattern and made this charming purse/tote with it. Isn't it fantastic!! I am always so pleased when people get really creative and start doing their own thing with my designs. That is the whole purpose to teaching and selling - to help inspire quilters to branch out and be creative.

And then Allison from Dallas, a designer in her own right, showed up with her show purse made from the scrapes of the class she took from me last month when I taught at the Dallas guild. Way to go Allison. She still hasn't finished the class project :( , but she so loved the idea of the scrape purse she whipped that right up. Allison was demoing over at the Quilting Arts booth yesterday.
The best thing about going to a big quilt show is getting all inspired by the work and by other people's creativity. I go home all fired up to make new art.
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Laura Wasilowski said...

I love the idea of adapting one of your patterns to a hand bag. Great idea!

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