Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Snow

It snowed AGAIN yesterday. Just when I thought spring was here, we get 2" of snow!!!! I can smell spring when I am out walking with George. I just need to see spring soon.
The daffodils against my house are up and I can see the tulips in the garden are up, but it will be several

weeks before they begin to bloom.

There are buds on the magnolia bush at the front of my house and birds chirping in the trees, the robins are back and the cardinals are out signing their hearts out looking for mates I assume. I want to see the green tinge on all the trees and not have to bundle up when I walk the dog. This winter has seemed really long.
Maybe it is being in the basement all day, desperately dyeing fabric for the two shows that are upcoming, But I need SPRING!!
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Mrs. Mel said...

I'll send you some of mine. I wish you and George could just materialize here. He would love all the new smells and wear himself out quick running up the hill. And then there's the water! What would he do if he saw a frog?
It is going to be 75 today.

Exuberant Color said...

We missed this last snow but it was only in the 20's this morning. BRRR!

Karen said...

This seems to be the year of the endless winter here! I am so tired of waiting for the warmth, Went out walking today and there were very few signs of spring blooms in the woods as yet. Hopefully SOON, really really SOON!!

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