Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Racket

The Cardinals were making quite a racket this a.m when we went into the woods. It was before 7 and they made me stop and look. As I looked up a large bird flew off abit and landed on a branch about 50 feet away and stayed there looking at me. I thought at first it was a hawk, I often see them up there hunting, but not this time. It has been at least four years since I had my last sighting of a great horned owl, and there it was. It just sat there looking at me. We stared at each for a long time, it would turn it's head and look away and then swivel around and eye me again. I finally walked off to let it try and get some breakfast. I really wish I had had my camera. These are just photos I took off the web.

It really is wonderful to see these great creatures in their natural habitat.
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Karen said...

How wonderful! I have been lucky to see owls on a handfull of occasions. And usually only when the sun is just near to setting. I love my walks in the woods and enjoy your posts about yours too!

Shirley Goodwin said...

We have a couple of native owls here but you almost never see them, only hear them calling at night.

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