Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I really enjoy my garden. Especially this time of year when each new month brings me a joy of color and design.

Right now my poppies are blooming. Every year the cycle of life renews itself and brings me happiness and bliss.



The poppies in my garden have inspired many of my quilts.

June Jubilee


60” x 70” a winner in 2005 in Paducah. The flowers in this quilt are made with my hand dyed silk.


Petite Poppies one of my first patterns. 16” x 20”


Field Poppies one of newest and easiest patterns.

I tell you, you just can’t beat red and green together. One of my favorite color combinations!


Cornwoman said...

The poppies are gorgeous! I don't think that I've ever seen them that color before. We don't have any of them, so it's a treat to see them.

Frieda said...

I agree it is a treat!

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