Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Winter Dreaming

I am working on a new little quilt currently called "Winter Dreaming"
It needs a better title. All comments welcome. Help me name my kitty looking out a window on a winter day.
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Nina-Marie said...

First I really like the start you have on this piece! Secondly - I came up with two titles - Midday Muse and Yearning. Its just the sense I got from my first impression.

SewCalGal said...

Really cute cat wallhanging. I'd love to make one. I do love cats.

I'm not creative at naming quilts...but here are a few thoughts

- Cat Winterland
- Where do all the birds go in Winter?
- Too cold to play outside
- Waiting for sunshine
- Not a good time to prowl


Quilt Rat said...

This is looking fabulous! I quite like the title "Winter Dreaming" but if you are suggestion shopping how about 'Anticipation' The cat certainly seems focused on something.

Catherine said...

What a fabulous quilt! I love it. I'm not great at naming quilts either, but couldn't help thinking of Feline Meditation when I looked at the picture.

Karen said...

I love this one! Great details and the woven mat, very cool! I like your working title but since you asked heres my 2 cents worth..
Catemplating...instead of contemplating or catemplation.

sophie said...

"Waiting for Spring?"

I can't help it, though, it reminds me of the current kitty condition at my loft. One or both of my cats will sit and cry, beg, or roll over and flirt with me in hopes that I will open the french doors and let in some of the hot air. I am trying to teach them the meaning of the phrase, "It's too hot." Lately it's often 85 degrees at 5:30 AM in Dallas. It's my own fault. In January, February, March, April and even May, I was loving the idea of opening wide the French doors for hours and letting the fresh air in, too. . .

Julie Bagamary said...


Leslie said...

How about Catdreams?
It's very pretty, by the way!

Diane J. Evans said...

It's beautiful, Frieda -- I like to name my quilts after titles of favorite songs, and Petula Clark recorded a song way back called, simply, "The Cat in the Window." The lyrics fit your quilt image perfectly. But I have to admit, I like "Catemplating" the best!


Bren said...

Love the this cat piece.Title---
Spikes Scene.
I saw the back on the cat and thought of Spikes so I named him.

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