Monday, June 18, 2012

Crinkly Wrinkly To Dye For

This is what happens when you leave a book outside too long:
I was so grateful when I discovered I could still open it up and read all the pages.
They are crinkly and bent but. . .
I can still get all the wonderful information I need!
I'm actually surprised there aren't more dye stains on the pages.
ACTUALLY, this is what my own notebook kind of looks like. It has dye finger prints all over it, and spill marks and water stains. The hazards of the trade.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I guess that would be an issue for a dye book. Perhaps spiral binding and laminating pages or cutting the binding off and putting the pages inside archival quality page protectors might help.

Barbara said...

I love books that have spiral binding so they stay put while you are working with the instructions.

Lisa Chin said...

Not sure how I missed this post! Spiral binding would be great in this book but I don't think it would have helped it much against the elements out on the back patio. haha

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